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I was never following you. I was leading you down. 
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The Ladies of Throne of Glass, series by Sarah J. Maas

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hmshudson said: I'd love to see your interpretation of Alanna of Trebond in 12.



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Adrian Gottlieb

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Some books you read. Some books you enjoy. But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul.
by Joanne Harris (via a-thousand-words)
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Lucian x Phaedra (requested by no1else-but-me​)

"Once, when Lucian had returned from Alonso to argue the so-called promise between his father and the Provincaro, a cousin had asked him to describe Phaedra. He had shrugged. There’s nothing about her to remember.

Looking at his wife now, there was so much about her he couldn’t forget. Her soulful eyes. The roundness of her face. The pinch of red on her cheeks. Lucian wanted nothing more than to take her home.”

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"You and I have never liked each other, Rose. If I’ve got to kill someone, it might as well be you.

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he was who he was; jon snow, b a s t a r d  and  o a t h b r e a k e r ,  m o t h e r l e s s f r i e n d l e s s , and  d a m n e d . for the rest of his life — however long that might be — he would be condemned to be an  o u t s i d e r , the  s i l e n t  m a n  s t a n d i n g  i n  t h e  s h a d o w s  w h o  d a r e s  n o t  s p e a k  h i s  t r u e  n a m e .

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Doodling a alternative book cover for On The Jellicoe Road because it has been almost a month since a finished reading this I still can’t the story out of my system.

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